The Bernhard Plumbing story began back in 1954 when Elmer Koepsell formed Koepsell Plumbing in Mayville, WI.
With small town values and a blue collar work ethic, a legacy of service, quality and customer satisfaction was born.

Over the years, our name has changed and our services have evolved.
But with decades of proven performance under our belts, our mission has been sound from the start:

Bernhard is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality work and service we can offer.

From commercial and industrial and dairy operations to residential, water treatment and septic systems, today the Bernhard reputation continues to build by continuing to provide Mayville and the surrounding area with a wide range of expert plumbing services that surpass the industry standards.


[ 1954 ]
Elmer Koepsell forms Koepsell Plumbing in Mayville, WI.

[ 1963 ]
Emil Baerwald joins Koepsell Plumbing.

[ 1969 ]
Baerwald becomes the owner of Koepsell Plumbing and changes the name to Baerwald Plumbing.

[ 1970 ]
Robert Bernhard joins Baerwald Plumbing after seeking his apprenticeship with Czoschke Plumbing & Heating.

[ 1982 ]
Bob Bernhard becomes a partner of Baerwald Plumbing.

[ 1998 ]
Bob’s son, Scott Bernhard joins the company.

[ 2002 ]
Bob Bernhard becomes the sole owner of Baerwald Plumbing and changes the business name to Bernhard Plumbing, Inc.

[ 2010 ]
Master plumber, Scott Bernhard becomes the sole owner of the business.